Abstract nature images| A picture of sunflower stamens

Abstract nature images| A picture of sunflower stamens

The human mind can walk in reality by watching abstract nature images, but it can live in its imaginary world. This picture is actually a macro photo of sunflower stamens. Because the sunflower is a big flower, if the viewer does not pay enough attention, he may mistake recognizing what he sees.

In abstract photography, this is one of the main ways to display a part of an object. This topic takes the viewer’s mind away from reality, and the imagination begins about what this image is. An essential feature of abstract photos of nature is that they are more beautiful than other types of abstract works.

The main goal is imagination, concept, mental discussion, and personal conclusion!

What are the ways to take an abstract photo?

Nature is full of such examples that we can create art with them. The photo I took is exactly what it is. The effective abstract nature images are made simply by resizing the object by changing the lens distance. ( Visit the Abstract Nature Photography article to read more about abstract photography. )

There are other ways, such as intentional camera movement with slow shutter speeds. This way causes the dots to appear as light lines and the image to lose its actual shape.

Another way to create abstract art nature images can be to change the angle so that shapes in nature do not look as they are. Imagine a plant with an utterly transverse angle instead of taking pictures of its flowers usually.

An unusual transverse angle will make the flowers look like elliptical discs.

These ways are used in plants and the mountains and photographing rocks, rivers, and inanimate nature.

Using abnormal exposure is another way. By now, you have probably noticed that photographing a scene that has both shadows and bright areas is a difficult task. Because the camera does not know whether to adjust the light with shadows or bright areas?

The result is not desirable in a standard photo because we will have a picture of very white and too dark areas both on an image. But if the composition is appropriately chosen, the result can be a great abstraction.


Abstract macro photography, deliberate camera movement with slow shutter speeds, using unusual angles in photography, and exceptional exposure using highlights and shadows can all help us create abstractions in nature.

The goal is to fake reality and goes to the imagination!


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Babak Siminzar
Babak Siminzarhttps://www.bsiminzar.com
I am a general practitioner and work in a health center. In previous years, my place of work was rural areas in the northwest of Iran. In addition to medicine in those areas, I also did photography, which was my hobby. I am very interested in macro photography, so most of my portfolio photos are about it. I also visit and photograph historical sites on my travels.


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