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25 Black and white abstract photography ideas

In this article, I tried to present some black and white abstract photography ideas and explain each one in the hope that it will be helpful for you.

Today, black and white abstract photography is done in color and converted to B&W with graphic software.

Create abstract black and white abstract photography ideas with mental imagination

This photo is entirely fictional. It is a symbol of harmony in spherical bodies and well-observed composition. But from a conceptual point of view, it is considered an abstract work. The leading art in it is the correct use of shadows to induce the feeling of three-dimensional objects in the audience’s mind. ( Visit Abstract Photos of Nature to watch more abstract images. )

Abstract mental concepts are created by graphic software.

This one is a distorted perspective view of inanimate objects that has been pushed to the edge of abstraction.

Despite being abstract, it is symmetrical that is created graphically.

The spread of ink in water

Black and white abstract photos, like any B&W work, are usually taken in color and then converted to black white.

This work was in color, but the conversion to black and white is done well, and the distribution of the gray spectrum is appropriate.

An abstract macro photo of a red flower

A gallery of abstract images of nature.

Black and white photography of water drops

In the following picture, you can see the scene of the drop falling into the water. Photographer uses black and white contrast well to separate the border of the water and the surrounding dark environment. ( Visit Amazing Black And White Photos to watch more black and white photos. )

The other is water droplets on surfaces. Photographer uses again, shadows to show the three-dimensional shape of the drops. This image is suitable for black and white abstract background.

Drops fall in the water again, using a soft tone in the picture.

Images of bubbles on the surface of liquids

You can find many such images on Pinterest! Macro lenses take these from bubbles on the surface of liquids.

Tiny bubbles on the surface of the liquid
Tiny bubbles on the surface of the liquid
A black and white sunset picture in the hills

Black and white images from nature, rural areas, people and animal.

Abstract created from water waves

Many abstract photos have been taken of water waves so far; we will review some examples together.

This picture is an exciting example of concentric circular waves.

This image is a typical example of aerial photography of the seashore. The surfer does not attract attention due to his small size, and the waves of the dirty sea floor cover the surface of the photo

In the following picture, water waves cover the image like a pattern. This style is very popular with photographers.

Abstract photography of inanimate objects

This image is an example of photographing an orderly pile of uniform dishes.

The next photo is an example of abstract photography at home. An intriguing abstract image was taken from a plastic ball on the carpet.

This image of photographic cameras creates a sense of technology in the audience’s mind.

In this photo, numerous narrow regular shadows create an image of accuracy and order and a vast space in mind.

Street abstract photography

Here, it is taken from a river in the city, a unique abstract using a filter.

This is an innovative photo challenging the rules of traditional photography. The focus is on the fences instead of the person, so the person is blurred. The light is not adjusted correctly, resulting in a unique abstract photo.


Cigarette smoke has always been an exciting subject for abstract photography, especially in black and white.

Abstract landscape photography, Rocks and glaciers

Glaciers, snow and rocks
Glaciers, snow, and rocks

The rocks in this photo do not show their natural shape.

Abstract photography of plants

The particular condition of this image comes from the unnatural focus.

Using macro photography in black and white abstract photography ideas

Macro photography is one of the common methods in abstract art; you can see examples of it below:

Macro photo of wet leaf
Macro photo of wet leaf

You can find various ideas in this style. Good luck!

Babak Siminzar
Babak Siminzarhttps://www.bsiminzar.com
I am a general practitioner and work in a health center. In previous years, my place of work was rural areas in the northwest of Iran. In addition to medicine in those areas, I also did photography, which was my hobby. I am very interested in macro photography, so most of my portfolio photos are about it. I also visit and photograph historical sites on my travels.


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