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10 Creative Flower Photography Tips

Flowers are the source of natural beauty, and creative flower photography is an art that allows the photographer to show these plants’ beauty.

We can photograph flowers in different ways. For example, when you see a beautiful flower, you can stand in front of the flower, adjust the camera and take a photo of the flower; this is called flower photography. Still, it will definitely not be a creative flower photography.

In creative photography, the photographer creates a particular photo of a flower by changing the camera angle, the background, and the light angle and its amount, which multiplies the beauty of the flower.

Think differently!

Let’s say you want to take a photo of a flower from the front. Is this the best possible angle for photography? Maybe not! What would it look like if we took a picture from the side? Or what if we shoot in low light?

You see! there are many options; each can be a different photo, while our subject is the same flower. ( To see more examples of creative photos of flowers, visit Fine Art Floral Photography post. )

Why is it important to photograph flowers from different angles?

Flowers and their parts, such as petals and stamens, have different shapes, so changing the angle can change the overall picture.

I like shooting from the side more than from the front because it gives the flower a mysterious appearance.

white rose flower macro image

A Fine Art Floral Photography gallery from flowers

Close-up flower photography

Close-up photography can be creative when flags and petals fill the surface of the image. However, one should not overdo it in approaching the flower because the result will be an abstract image, not flower photography.

In abstract flower photography, an attempt is made to make the photo lose its essence, and the viewer will not be able to realize that the subject of the image is a flower at first glance.

On the contrary, in creative flower photography, the viewer must fully understand that he is looking at a flower photo and enjoying its beauty.

Using a wide aperture and blurred background

It is a method that can use a slow shutter speed simultaneously with a wide aperture, so it has the advantage that we can also use it in low light.

The second advantage is that it creates a blurred background; its effect on the audience is that the attention is drawn to the flower in the center of the photo. The background blurring creates an extraordinary impact on the audience’s mind.

Use a black background

The taste of some photographers is to use a black background in the post-processing stage. This method has a good effect, but not in all cases; it is better to try it yourself. As far as I can tell, it works well on the red rose.

Shooting with different exposures

One of the flower photography tips is to do it in different lighting conditions. What we have accepted as a fact is that photography should be done in the right light, but the reality is that you can get creative photos by taking pictures in low light and making adjustments in post-processing.

The following flower photography theme is placing the light source behind the flower and facing the light, which will need editing, but the result will be unique.

Changing the color of flowers in the editing stage

To harmonize the color of the flower with the background, some photographers like to change the flower color in general. This method takes us a little away from the real world and is more similar to fine art photographic works of flowers.

I change the quality and quantity of the color to a certain extent to make the image more attractive, but I avoid changing the color altogether. But it cannot be denied that creative flower photography is closely related to fine art flower photography. ( To read more, refer to the article A Discussion About Different Types of Fine Art Photography. )

Dreamy flower photography

With pictures of light or white flowers and backgrounds, you can do things in the style of dreamy flower photography. A kind of softness and peace can be seen in these pictures; maybe you can see a book, white cups, white woven laces, or a watch.

White and bright colors are the dominant aspect of this style; sometimes, there is even a white fog in the photo, either natural or created in the post-processing stage.

The purpose of this style is to induce a sense of calmness in the audience. Similar to the feeling that comes to a person in a beautiful dream. The blurring of the edges is one of its characteristics, especially with the use of white color.

An ugly flower can be the subject of a beautiful photo

We should not always look for gorgeous flowers! A beautiful image is created with creativity, imagination, and harmony, even if the flower subject is not to be very interesting.

Blurred background in plant photography
Blurred background in plant photography

Finally, follow your taste

Each of us has an artistic taste inside, follow your own taste, and you will discover new ways on this path. It is essential that the result be special and attracts the attention of the audience. Good luck.

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