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What is abstract landscape photography?

In this article, I want to answer the question, what is abstract landscape photography entirely? In the introduction and summary, I must say that abstract landscape photography means not following the standard principles of landscape photography to reduce the volume of information to the audience to obscure her understanding of the image.

What is the concept of abstract landscape photography?

Landscape photography is one of the old and popular art styles, and like any other method of photography, it has its own rules. Focus and composition can be mentioned among these rules. The rules give you an accurate, beautiful, and detailed image.

In abstract landscape photography, like all types of abstract photography, an attempt is made to present a vague image to the audience. The goal is to challenge the audience’s mind and stimulate the audience’s imagination. ( To view abstract photos, visit the ََََAbstract Photos of Nature post.

When a person sees an abstract image at first, he cannot fully understand what he is looking at, and after a while, the viewer can guess what the subject of the photo is. And after that, guesses and imagination begin about the components of the image, which may not match reality.

The purpose of abstract art, in general, is to generate debate and doubt about the nature of reality. For this reason, abstract landscape photography breaks the rules of photography and deliberately tries to present a photo with low accuracy.

All abstract landscape photos are not entirely blurred images, and the components of the picture are precise. In these cases, the type of image and composition make it difficult to recognize the content of the photo. To read more about abstract photography, see the Abstract Nature Photography article.

The standards that we must violate in abstract landscape photography!!

Deliberate movement of the camera vs. keeping it still

While learning photography, we are usually taught to hold the camera steady and firmly in our hands to prevent the photo from blurring. This issue is a fundamental principle that includes landscape photography.

But in abstract landscape photography, we intentionally violate this principle to add some blur to the image. The goal is to make the image vague in the audience’s mind.

How much each image should be blurred is entirely a matter of taste. It depends on the subject and the photographer. You may even decide not to use this method for abstract photography and instead use the techniques I will describe later.

Impressionistic landscape photography

In the style of impressionistic landscape photography, the photographer creates blurred and abstract images by deliberately moving the camera either vertically or horizontally. At the same time, as the camera moves, the shutter speed is set to low.

Representational landscape photography is at the opposite point of abstract and impressionistic landscape photography because, unlike these two styles, it tries to present reality to the audience precisely as it is.

Not using the horizon line in the images

The horizon line is usually a permanent part of landscape photography. In abstract photography, it is generally removed. The camera angle is mostly downwards or upwards, like shooting clouds.

Extreme low or high exposure is effective in creating abstract

In landscape photography, in normal mode, the photographer tries that the amount of exposure is proportional to the ambient light; in the abstract version, on the contrary, there is a tendency to use too much light or minimum light.

Too much or too little lighting helps to escape reality and make the image vague.

Abstract seascape photography

The seaside is an excellent opportunity for abstract photography of the landscape. The seascape in different situations is a perfect subject for abstracts.

Changing typical to abnormal composition

You can create an abstract from the landscape with an unusual composition without blurring. It is enough to take the camera toward the trees or bushes that it is difficult for the audience to determine the correct position.

Using reflections in landscape images to create abstracts

If the reflection covers a large part of the image, it can create a beautiful abstract landscape. Reflections may exist in the scene or be created by software during editing.

Aerial landscape photography

This style refers to high-altitude photography. The images obtained by this method from the coasts, mountains, and rivers can be considered abstract.

Photographers use drones or airplanes to take these photos. If you are climbing a high mountain by the sea, you will have an excellent opportunity to photograph the small islands near the coast in this style.


For abstract landscape photography, instead of following the standard principles of photography, you must create images by violating them so that the audience cannot find out the concept of the photo in the first place.




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