Rural Photography

Since 2008, I have probably spent 50% of my photography time in rural photography. This photo above was taken from a large herd of sheep led by several shepherds and dogs.

Find subjects in rural areas for photography

When we look for subjects for photography in rural areas, we come across several cases. Like village houses, sometimes placed alone or side by side in pairs. Or, the view of villages from a distance and sometimes the town’s alleys.  Or children that came out of school recently and playing in the paths.

Farms and gardens are other subjects for photography. And we can name the hills and plains, the rivers located between the villages.

The best time for photography regarding the angle and amount of sunlight is morning and evening. But I was not always so lucky. Sometimes I photographed in the streets on a hot summer afternoon. This picture clearly showed a hot alley in the village. { To see more images of rural areas, refer to rural life photography. }

Sunset is a great time to take pictures, especially if the clouds are in the sky. Clouds make sunset photography magnificent.

It is not uncommon for me to photograph blooms in March early in the morning before full sunrise.

Night shots of country houses with lights coming in from the windows are all enjoyable, with the backyards and alleys lit by the lights.

But in all the above cases, you must use a tripod due to the long exposure time.

Snow-covered fields and snow-capped mountains are all attractive.

Domestic animals such as sheep, cows, horses, and goats can also be the subject of images.


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Babak Siminzar
Babak Siminzar
I am a general practitioner and work in a health center. In previous years, my place of work was rural areas in the northwest of Iran. In addition to medicine in those areas, I also did photography, which was my hobby. I am very interested in macro photography, so most of my portfolio photos are about it. I also visit and photograph historical sites on my travels.


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