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Take Beautiful Photos with Fisheye Photography Tips

With fisheye lens photography, you can take distorted photos with a spherical composition that sometimes look more beautiful than ordinary shots. In this article, I will address these issues of fisheye photography tips.

What do you use the Fisheye lens for

Our angle of view will be slightly less than 180 degrees when we go straight to the front with the Fisheye lens. So, we can see both the subjects in the center and the objects in the periphery.

This method of photography is not suitable for all occasions and sometimes offers a cluttered image. At the same time, the unusual composition offers a fascinating photo in some cases.

The Fisheye lenses front are more convex than the regular lenses and have an 8 to 15 mm focal length. The objects in the center appear smaller or farther away than usual.

Fisheye lenses can be used both indoors, like in a room, or outdoors when shooting a landscape.

Fisheye lens photography Ideas

The use of Fisheye lenses can be varied, but one of the most common is architectural photography. Because inside the building, the environment is usually small, and a wide-angle lens will help. Also, photographing outside the building can create novel perspectives.

Landscape and street photography are some areas in which fisheye lenses are used. But note the styles I mentioned; if they need a standard lens in some cases, the fisheye lens will not work.

Make a change in the horizon line with the help of distortion

In landscape photography with a fisheye lens, try to move the horizon line to become a curve. Although the line is unrealistic, it may seem extraordinary depending on the image’s composition. To view landscape images, refer to the Landscape Photo Ideas

To make the horizon line curved, try to place it around the lens. Objects that are placed at the edge of the lens are more curved than at the center.

The use of the Fisheye lens in architectural photography

Architectural photography is the best example of using a Fisheye lens. Distortion changes the actual image, but the result is something interesting to the mind. The Fisheye lens is used in both indoor and outdoor photography. To view architectural photos, refer to the Architectural Photography Examples post.

You have to look at the shooting place and find the best position based on your experience. Trial and error play the most critical role in this style.

Fisheye portrait photography tips

In portrait photography, try to place the person in the middle of the field of view to apply the minor distortion to the main subject.

On the contrary, the margins will fall apart, and this collection will all together create a unique portrait.


Although this lens causes distortion, it can make the photo attractive in certain situations. Practice will give you experience in shooting with a fisheye lens. Just do not forget to keep the subject that you want to have the least change, keep in the center of the lens, and that one you want to be cluttered, keep on the sides of the lens.




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