Excellent Ideas for Abstract Photos of Nature

Macro abstract photo of one flower stamens
Macro abstract photo of one flower stamens

Abstract photography is a revolutionary style that offers a different worldview. Since I used to photograph mostly in nature, it is natural that my portfolio consists mainly of abstract photos of nature. However, sometimes abstract images of rural life can be seen among them.

Abstract nature photography and daily ideas

Abstract photoshoot ideas

We can find abstract photoshoot ideas everywhere, but one basic principle must apply to all of them. The abstract image should not explicitly describe the subject, and there should be some ambiguity.

Abstract photography is not a realistic image, but people’s mental perception of it can be different. Flowers and plants can all be abstract photoshoots; these types of photos are usually taken by macro photography.

Inanimate objects are sometimes used for abstract photography every day, such as a few screws or pieces of metal or small containers such as cups or coffee and juices foam that form on the surface of the cup.

Abstract art photoshoot ideas can even be shooting cigarette smoke or moving light.

Types of abstract photography

Abstract macro photography and abstract nature photography

A type of macro photography gets too close to flowers, leaves, and plants so that only part of the plant is visible.

Abstract architecture photography

An unfamiliar photograph of buildings with a specific angle shows a part of the desired location, and it is not clear at first glance that the subject is a building.

Abstract landscape photography

A photo was taken with a certain angle and an unusual composition of a part of a scene that seems the main subject is not clear at first.

How to make a picture abstract

Abstract images can be created by intentionally moving the camera, blurring the vision, and using unusual exposure. Non-standard compositions and uncommon focusing are other ways to create abstract photos of nature.


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